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Custom Item

Guide For Custom Item:

For detailed information about the server, custom items, and other aspects, please refer to our Server Docs/Wiki. It contains comprehensive guides, documentation, and explanations of various features, commands, and gameplay mechanics. You can access it at [https://wiki.cubivalcraft.xyz/].

Guide about Custom Items:

Our Server Docs/Wiki also includes a dedicated guide about custom items. This guide provides in-depth information about custom items, their unique attributes, obtaining methods, usage instructions, and any special effects or abilities they may have. Be sure to check out the guide for a better understanding of the custom items available on our server.

Server Resource Pack Installation:

While it's not mandatory to install the server resource pack, we highly recommend doing so to fully experience the custom textures and additions unique to our server. By installing the resource pack, you'll be able to see custom ores, custom swords, furniture, cosmetics, and other custom items in their intended visual form. However, the core aspects of Minecraft/Mojang remain unchanged, ensuring you can still play the game as usual even without the resource pack.

Found Custom Ore?

Congratulations on discovering the custom ores on our server! It's an exciting find. However, it's important to note that breaking these custom ores requires specific tools.

  • Cobalt Ore: To break Cobalt Ore, you'll need a Steel Pickaxe.
  • Mythril Ore: To break Mythril Ore, you'll need a Cobalt Pickaxe.
  • Adamantite Ore and Vibranium Ore: To break Adamantite Ore and Vibranium Ore, you'll need a Mythril Pickaxe.

Fortune won't work on custom ore

Make sure to upgrade your pickaxe accordingly to match the requirements of each custom ore. This will allow you to successfully mine and collect these valuable resources.

Additionally, if you're looking to obtain raw steel, participating in the voting system is the way to go. By using the "/vote" command in the game, you can earn vote keys. These keys can be used to unlock rewards, including raw steel, from the vote party crate. Don't forget to vote regularly to increase your chances of obtaining raw steel and other valuable items.

The rarity of finding mythril ore and cobalt ore is intentional and designed to make the game more challenging and rewarding. While cobalt ore may have a higher spawning chance compared to mythril ore, it is still intentionally difficult to find.

What are custom ore the best?:

  1. SteelĀ 
  2. Cobalt
  3. Mythril
  4. Adamantite
  5. Vibranium

For more specific information or further assistance, please consult the Server Docs/Wiki or reach out to our server staff. Enjoy your time on the server and make the most of the exciting custom items and features available!

How to get custom ore? / Full detailed about custom ore:

Custom Ore Spawn Level

Cobalt Ore:

Worlds: Limited to "world"

Maximum Height: 45

Minimum Height: 10

Mythril Ore:

Worlds: Limited to "world"

Maximum Height: 30

Minimum Height: 5

Adamantite Ore:

Worlds: Limited to "world"

Biomes: Limited to DESERT and DESERT_HILLS

Maximum Height: 50

Minimum Height: 20

Vibranium Ore:

Worlds: Limited to "world_nether"

Maximum Height: 120

Minimum Height: 85